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Can You Get Invisalign for Just Your Top Teeth?

a patient placing Invisalign on her upper row of teeth

When it comes to straightening and perfecting smiles, few options are as incredible as Invisalign! These awesome aligners have helped millions of patients achieve their smile goals. But can they be used on just one row of teeth? Keep reading to learn more from your dentist about how Invisalign can sometimes be used to straighten only the top half of your smile.

What Is Single Arch Invisalign Treatment?

Single arch treatment is usually best for people who have a few crooked teeth and want cosmetic straightening to improve the way their smile looks. Invisalign treatment often involves a pair of aligners being worn over the top and bottom rows of your teeth, but single arch treatment is a little different. Depending on your needs, you’ll wear only one aligner on the top of bottom half of your smile. Just like the regular process, your aligners are changed out as directed (usually every week or two) to gradually shift your teeth into a healthier position. Most single arch treatments are focused on the upper front teeth or lower front teeth, which allows for movement without altering the opposing teeth.

Often, more complex issues such as open bites or crossbites require treatment on both arches. However, you can consider single arch Invisalign treatment for correcting the following issues:

  • Minor spacing or gaps.
  • Slightly crooked front teeth.
  • A tooth tipped out of alignment.
  • Relapse after previous orthodontic therapy.

Are There Any Risks to Single Arch Treatment?

Your upper and lower arches of teeth have a very particular relationship, especially where they close together. Adjusting your bite in any capacity can change the existing pressure points, making it so that certain teeth hit higher or harder than others when you bite. When this happens, it can lead to issues such as toothaches, enamel wear and damage, and even TMJ pain. This means that although single arch treatment can be effective, it does come with some minor risks. In any case. your dentist will carefully monitor your mouth before clearing you for single arch treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Single Arch Treatment?

Speaking with your dentist about your smile goals and having them inspect your bite is the only way to know for certain if single arch treatment can work for your pearly whites. In some cases, traditional options might need to be utilized; however, if the tooth movement needed is minor or more esthetic in nature, single arch treatment is usually a viable option!

If you’re unhappy with your smile and it seems like just one arch needs improvement, Invisalign might still be a viable treatment option! Don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist to see if your pearly whites can benefit from the aligners.

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