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Partial and Full Dentures

Missing multiple teeth? You can improve upon your appearance with full or partial dentures.

What are dentures?

A denture is a removable appliance that is used to replace multiple missing teeth. It can not only improve one’s appearance but quality of life.

There are two different types of dentures:

Full Dentures: or complete dentures replace all the teeth in an entire arch. They are held in by means of suction, denture adhesive or implant attachment.

Partial Dentures: used to replace missing teeth using other existing teeth as anchorage. Metal clasps hold the partial denture in place.

Over time dentures will need the clasps tightened or to be relined due to natural changes in the oral cavity.

A regular visit to the dentist for an examination of the oral tissue is still important.

Restore your smile and improve your life

A denture is a removable appliance that is used to replace multiple missing teeth and some of the surrounding tissue. They are custom-made for your mouth, based on impressions taken on your old teeth, so your new smile will match your old.

Are dentures for you?

Dentures are one of the most convenient and effective tooth replacement solutions available. If you are missing some or all your teeth, your quality of life can be severely impacted. Eating food will be far less pleasurable without the ability to chew, and there are a variety of dental conditions that can develop due to missing teeth. Artificial teeth (dentures) can also help bring back confidence in your appearance by restoring your smile.

After receiving dentures, it may take some time to get used to them. Once your jaw and muscles have adjusted, they can be an excellent tooth replacement, allowing you to chew and smile just as if you still have your natural teeth.

Types of dentures

There are two different types of dentures, depending on your dental needs:

Full dentures, or complete dentures, replace all missing teeth in an entire arch, either upper, lower, or both. They are held in by means of suction, denture adhesive, or implant attachment.

Partial dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth, using existing teeth as anchorage. Metal clasps usually hold the partial denture in place. Partial dentures not only improve the aesthetics of your teeth, they also help prevent any of your natural teeth from shifting.

Both full dentures and partial dentures are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Denture care

Dentures might be artificial teeth, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of them like you would your natural ones.

Just like with natural teeth, plaque and tartar can build up on dentures, staining their appearance and causing bad breath and gum disease. You will need to clean your dentures daily, using a special denture cleaner. Dentures can be fragile, so try cleaning them over a water filled sink to cushion them if they fall.

Your dentures will need to be inspected by your dentist at regular intervals. Due to natural changes in the oral cavity over time, they will need them clasps tightened or to be reclined. During these dental office visits, you should also have checkup, as the examination of oral tissue and gums is still very important, even without natural teeth.

What is the cost of dentures?

The cost can greatly vary, depending on the quality, type, materials uses, and if they are full or partial dentures. After checking to see if your dental insurance will cover any of the cost, we can figure out exactly what the best denture solution is for you and your budget. Properly made and fitted dentures are very durable. You may need to take them in for maintenance but there is no reason your artificial teeth, if properly cared for, won’t last for years.

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