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a half whitened smile and half yellow smile

Do want whiter teeth? If so, you are not alone! A recent survey found that 80% of people surveyed want whiter pearly whites. When you have a sparkling smile, it increases your self-confidence and makes you appear youthful and full of life. These are some of the factors that have been a driving force to achieve whiter teeth since ancient times! Read on to learn about the history of teeth whitening and how you can achieve a dazzling smile now.

Ancient Beginnings

The ancient Egyptians have influenced modern times in areas such as inventions, math, sports, writing, and medicine. And you can add teeth whitening to the list, too! During this time, appearance was of utmost importance and Egyptians considered a bright smile to be a symbol of virility, wealth, and sensuous appeal.

To achieve white teeth, Egyptians created a paste using ground pumice stone, wine vinegar and ground oxen hooves. As a matter of fact, they even used urine to keep their smile bright! Old documents report this shocking revelation; their reasoning was that urine contains ammonia, a natural bleaching agent.

The Progression of Teeth Whitening

As the centuries passed, people explored several different ways to achieve a luminous smile. They were aiming for it to be better and faster! Here’s how the practice evolved throughout history:

How Can You Keep Your Smile Bright?

While professional teeth whitening is the best method to instantly give you a sparkling smile, there are some factors that can help you decrease the chances of a discolored smile, such as:

Teeth whitening has come a long way since its early days—you now have more effective and long-lasting options than ever to brighten your smile!

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