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If you have been thinking about teeth replacement options, you have undoubtedly heard about dental implants. These small titanium posts replace the roots of missing teeth and provide a strong, durable foundation for a variety of restorations. Today, our team at LG Dental Centre will explore the dental implants treatment timeline and discuss the wide range of factors that affect it.

Every case is unique

First and foremost, it is important to understand that your dental implants treatment timeline will entirely depend on your specific situation. Some patients only need to replace one missing tooth, while others require full-arch teeth restoration. Because each patient is unique, every treatment plan will be carefully designed and catered to the needs of the individual. Therefore, specific treatment timelines can vary for every case.

Factors affecting your treatment timeline

There are numerous factors that can affect the length of your treatment timeline. Some of the most common include:

Basic dental implant treatment timeline

Knowing what to anticipate during the treatment process can help alleviate fears of the unknown. When you undergo dental implant treatment at our practice, you can expect these steps:

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