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For whatever reason, several common misconceptions have surfaced over the years regarding root canal treatment. Performed appropriately, root canal treatment can be comfortable, cost-effective, and can save your tooth for many years in the future. Today, Dr. Goldstein and our team at LG Dental clinic at Yonge and Lawrence will demystify 5 of the most common myths regarding root canal treatment so you can be well-informed to make your decision.

Myth #1: Root canal treatment brings pain and discomfort

Unfortunately, many individuals are terrified of the pain commonly associated with root canal therapy, leading to all kinds of fallacies regarding this restorative procedure. In truth, root canal treatment actually eliminates the nerves and tissues inside the tooth – the very source of inflammation and discomfort. Therefore, while the gums around the treated tooth may feel sore or tender for a couple of days, this treatment actually aims to improve your overall pain level, especially if you experienced significant discomfort before the procedure. Additionally, if you experience dental fear or anxiety regarding your treatment, we can administer nitrous oxide. This sedation option can help you relax during your appointment and make you more comfortable.

Myth #2: A dental extraction is superior to root canal treatment.

While there are some instances when an extraction is the “last resort” option, we prefer to save natural teeth whenever feasible. In fact, if Dr. Goldstein determines you are a candidate for root canal therapy, this procedure could restore your bite for many years, and help you prevent more invasive treatments in the future.

Myth #3: Root canal treatment is only necessary if you are in pain.

Contrary to popular belief, dental infections do not always cause pain. Although there are times when an abscess is obvious – such as a severely swollen jaw – there are also instances when patients may not even realize there is a problem. Therefore, it is important to attend all routine dental exams so that our team can monitor your oral health closely and detect any potential issues.

Myth #4: The advantages of root canal therapy are only temporary.

Root canal treatment does not merely “buy time” until a more permanent solution can be performed. In fact, this procedure is often the most predictable, longest-lasting treatment option. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to dental procedures, root canal treatment can last for several years – and sometimes a lifetime – with proper care and maintenance.

Myth #5: Root canal treatment is more expensive than other dental procedures.

When it comes to deciding between root canal treatment and an extraction, some patients are inclined to choose tooth removal because of its lower upfront cost. However, it is important to understand that when a tooth is removed, it must also be replaced for optimal oral health. This is typically achieved with a dental bridge or a dental implant, both of which require multiple appointments and additional costs. When performed appropriately, root canal treatment can last for many years, and can prevent the need for more costly treatments in the long run.

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