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Patients never like to hear that a tooth needs to be removed. As dental professionals in North York, we are in the business of saving teeth, and we prefer to do so whenever possible. However, wisdom teeth are often an interesting exception to this rule. While some people may never experience any problems as a result of their wisdom teeth, others aren’t so lucky. You’re probably asking yourself, “Do I need to get my wisdom teeth out?”. At LG Dental clinic at Yonge and Lawrence, we can help you answer that question.

What’s the deal with wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth – also referred to as your third molars – are the very last set of teeth to grow in. Most of the time, this occurs when patients are in their late teens or early twenties. Some people have all four, while others may only have one, two, or three. Some patients may not ever develop them!

Fun fact!

Our ancient ancestors were prone to teeth loss due to their diet. Therefore, wisdom teeth came in handy because their other molars were often missing by the time they erupted. Today, we have improved diets and dental care, which means that most people have a full set of teeth when their third molars grow in. This can cause a number of issues, including:

Are there people who don’t have to have their wisdom teeth removed?

The short answer is yes. In some cases, the wisdom teeth may erupt with no issues, align perfectly with the bite, and become a fully functional part of one’s smile. However, this simply does not happen too often. To prevent complications, it is recommended that most people have their wisdom teeth removed in their early twenties. However, we will monitor your third molars at routine dental exams at LG Dental. If we detect an issue, we will discuss your options with you.

What is the wisdom tooth removal process like?

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common procedures performed in dentistry, and it’s something our dentists in North York do routinely. If you must have your wisdom teeth removed, we will discuss sedation options with you prior to your surgical appointment. Sedation dentistry simply helps you remain calm and relaxed during your treatment. When you arrive for your procedure, we will escort you to one of our treatment rooms and make sure you are comfortable. Our doctors will numb the teeth and surrounding area with local anesthesia and create a small incision in the gums. Gently removing any excess gum or bone tissue, your doctor will then lift the tooth from its socket. Often, the tooth will need to be divided into sections for easier removal. The site will then be closed with stitches.

Learn more about wisdom teeth removal at our Yonge and Lawrence Dental Clinic

If you are experiencing pain, tenderness, or redness in the very back of your mouth, it could be due to your wisdom teeth. To find out for sure, you can schedule a consultation at our Toronto dentist located at Yonge and Lawrence. Call us at 416-224-8300 or contact Dr. Larry Goldstein online anytime.