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6 Steps to Take for a Chipped Tooth

a man showing his chipped front tooth

Dental emergencies can be very stressful. If you accidentally chip your tooth, it can be shocking, and you may feel at a loss for what to do next. But no worries! It is a solvable situation with the help of your emergency dentist. The key is knowing what to do so you can remain calm and handle the situation effectively. Read on the learn the six steps to take in order to return to a whole, beautiful smile once again!

Step 1: Call Your Dentist

No matter what your dental emergency entails, the first step is to call your dentist as soon as it is safe to do so. They can provide immediate guidance for your situation over the phone and give personalized first-aid advice to use until you can reach their office. Then they can schedule your emergency appointment accordingly.

Step 2: Tend to Your Mouth

It’s important to keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria so be sure to rinse it out thoroughly and gently with warm water. This will also help wash out any loose broken shards of your tooth before you accidentally swallow or bite down on them.

Step 3: Collect the Pieces of Your Tooth

After you have tended to your mouth, take the time to gather any broken-off pieces of your tooth that you can see. Store them safely in a clean container and bring them with you to your appointment. There is always a possibility that your dentist may be able to recement the piece of enamel back into place.

Step 4: Stop Any Bleeding

If the gap in your mouth is bleeding, be sure to place pressure on it right away. Keep a tissue or small clean towel over the area and hold it gently in place with minimal movement. If the bleeding seems severe or has been continuous for over 10-15 minutes, you should go directly to your local ER.

Step 5: Pain Management

As you wait for your emergency dental appointment, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Place a cold compress or an ice pack on the injured area at 10-minute intervals. This will help reduce swelling and numb any pain. Additionally, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever (such as ibuprofen or aspirin) to ease inflammation and ease discomfort.

Step 6: See Your Dentist As Soon As Possible

Even if the situation does not seem dire, you should visit your dentist about a chipped tooth right away. Damaged enamel can leave your tooth weakened and vulnerable to serious infections. Fortunately, there are several treatments available that can help restore your smile. With minor damage, your dentist may be able to fill in the chip or recement the broken piece into place with dental bonding. If your tooth is chipped in a very visible area of the mouth, such as a front tooth, veneers offer the most natural and reliable results. If your remaining pearly white is severely damaged, your dentist may recommend a custom dental crown to protect the tooth and rebuild its appearance.

If your smile has been affected by a dental emergency like a chipped tooth, it is not a lost cause. By following these steps and getting assistance from your dentist, your pearly white can be restored as soon as possible.

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